Creator OluapPlayer
Creation January 4, 2011
Debut Offblast Shenanigans
Type Living grenade
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Sarcastic, suicidal
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Self-destruction
Weaknesses Lack of long-ranged weapons
Cannot expolde if wet
Status Exploding people
Occupation Living grenade
Enemies Everyone in their way

Caberneers are gigantic Ullapool Caber-headed Engineer TF2 Freaks created by Retired YouTube user OluapPlayer.


Caberneers appear as BLU Engineers with their heads swapped with Ullapool Cabers. What really stands in their look, aside from their heads, is their massive size. Only a handful of Caberneers are human-sized, with most of them being about as large as buildings or even mountains.

Behavior and Personality

Caberneers are a species of Freak native of Dimensioneer, the RED Paintraingineer's dimension. They were banished from it because of how dangerous they were, being exiled on Oluapland to never return.

Their behavior is straightforward, but dangerous. They will seek the nearest person, or group of people, and self-destruct on them. Literally the only goal in life for a Caberneer is to explode someone into bloody gibs, with the Caberneer dying in the process.

Caberneers are boastful, proud, sarcastic and most of all suicidal creatures. They don't care who they explode or if they deserve to. Their only objective is to explode someone the most violent way possible. However, while the Caberneers are certainly dangerous, they are not considered evil as they don't kill people out of malice, but because of their nature.

Powers and Abilities

A Caberneer's only attack is to ram his head into an enemy and explode them with extremely powerful force. This attack is a certain one hit kill on regular mercenaries and can deal devastating damage to most mid-ranked Freaks.

The power of a Caberneer is determined by its size. Human-sized Caberneers can only inflict a small explosion which should not harm more powerful freaks, but the oldest, largest Caberneers' explosions are not unlike a hydrogen bomb in power. This, counted with the fact Caberneers often explode in groups, makes them a planet-wide threat.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Caberneers only explode when they want to, and when their head impact with a surface. This means an enemy could destroy their heads with a ranged weapon, killing them without any explosion caused. This works on both small and giant Caberneers.
  • Caberneers are not capable of fighting enemies with explosive resistance or immunity such as Madic.
  • Caberneers cannot explode if wet. This means Jarate, Mad Milk or simply water makes them unable of dealing any damage.
  • Caberneers have below-average physical strength in case they have to fight without exploding. Giant Caberneers are surprisingly weak as well, only being about as strong as a fully-grown adult.

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