Bomb Bear
Creator OluapPlayer
Creation April 14, 2011
Debut Some random Gmod video
on Item Test
Type Explosive toy
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Neutral
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Self-destruction
Weaknesses Extremely fragile
Status Exploding
Occupation Grenade

Bomb Bears are explosive Teddy Roosebelts created by the YouTube user OluapPlayer.


Bomb Bears appear as the Engineer's Teddy Roosebelt, but with a bomb of some sort located below their stomaches. The most known bombs seen are Stickybombs and Dynamite, though it's speculated any kind of bomb can appear in a Bomb Bear's body.

Behaviour and Personality

Bomb Bears may not look alive, but are actually sentient and very intelligent creatures. They are neutral animals who spend their lives searching for someone to take care of them, this often meaning the explosion of the unfortunate bystander.

Bomb Bears have a behaviour similar to that of a Caberneer in a sense that they search for people to explode. However, Bomb Bears are tameable freaks. It's not unheard off of people, notably Official Heavy and BLU Gentlemanly Demo, using Bomb Bears as living grenades.

Powers and Abilities

Bomb Bears, as aforementioned, are capable of exploding people like grenades. Their explosions are as powerful as the bomb in their bodies: a Bomb Bear with sticks of dynamite below its body will yield the same explosion size and damage as any other block of dynamite would.  However, there may be exceptions to this pattern, as the one Official Heavy used to destroy the Thieving BLU Soldier base on Gullywash supposedly had only the power of a regular stickybomb.

Bomb Bears are also capable of levitating, which they use to move around since they don't have legs.

At least one Bomb Bear on Item Test that assasinated Gabe Newell and a Combine was appeared out of nowhere, either demonstrating the ability of Bomb Bears to hide themselves until needed quite well or the ability of this particular one to teleport.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Bomb Bears are extremely fragile, a single bullet often killing them instantly.
  • Destroying the Bomb Bear's bomb also kills them instantly.  It may also take out or damage others nearby, so using Bomb Bears may be counter-active.

Notable Videos

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