Bluster Blaster Sentry
Creator OluapPlayer
Creation December 19, 2010
Debut Some random Gmod video
on 2Fort
Type Sentry Gun
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style Mid-ranged
Abilities Firing bullets

Firing Rockets
Endless Ammunition

Status Shouting
Occupation Sentry Gun
Superiors Whichever Engineer
built them

Bluster Blaster Sentries are sentient, short-tempered Sentry Guns created by YouTube user OluapPlayer.

They are named after, and voiced by Bluster Blaster, a character from the Sam & Max series.


Bluster Blaster Sentries appear as regular Sentry Guns. They come in all levels, and also exist in Combat Mini Sentry Gun form. There are both RED and BLU Sentries, but their only difference is their team orientation. The BLU ones seem to be more numerous in the Freak World, though.

Behaviour and Personality

Bluster Blaster Sentries were originally created by RED Paintraingineer, but since other Engineers learned their schematics, they have scattered across all of the Freak World.

They are sentient and grumpy, with extremely short tempers. Even telling them a bad joke can result in being shot to death. Always in a bad mood, Bluster Blaster Sentries are unfriendly and prefer the company of other robots and cyborgs than normal people. They get along surprisingly well with Half-Life and Portal sentry turrets.

Bluster Blaster Sentries are known to for their hatred toward Demomen, Spies and bagpipes. They hate Demomen and Spies for the fact they are always destroying innocent buildings, but the exact cause for their hatred of bagpipes is unknown, though this could be due in part to the Scottish heritage of Demomen.

Powers and Abilities

Bluster Blaster Sentries possess the regular abilities of a Sentry Gun: raining bullets and rockets at their enemies.  However, they have unlimited ammunition and the power of their attacks can be stronger than those of a standard sentry.  This was true of at least one mini-sentry incarnation of the type, who was able to slaughter a squad of Metrocops within seconds.

Aside from that, they are more resistant altogether than regular Sentries, and cannot be destroyed by Sappers.  They also survive being torn into pieces, though they are unable of attacking in this state.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Being Sentries, they are not capable of moving from the spot they have been built at without an Engineer's help.
  • While they cannot be destroyed by Sappers, they will become temporarily insane until the Sapper is removed.
  • Sometimes Bluster Blaster Sentries will mock their opponents, leaving them open to attack.

Notable Videos

By the creator of the Freak

By the community

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