Creator HalBuzzkill
Creation 21 July 2011
Debut HBK VS Troll Hostage VS
Vagineer VS Scunt - Pt2
Type Walking Wall
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Docile, mentally deficient
Fighting style Full-contact/Melee
Abilities Extreme Durability
Weaknesses Slow
Uncontrollable secondary
Highly magnetic
Status Alive
Occupation Deus Ex Machina

Blockgineer is a RED Engineer TF2 Freak created by YouTube user HalBuzzkill.

His theme is Banjo-Tooie-Grunty Industries.


Blockgineer is essentially a RED Engineer whose body is embedded within a dark orange Block from the Super Mario Bros. video game series.

Behaviour and Personality

Blockgineer is relatively solitary in that he doesn't take much notice of other people. He will announce his presence to those he sees, but will do little else, and will sometimes announce himself to the same person multiple times due to a short attention span that comes with his low intelligence. He can also be defined as a sort of coward, responding to anything that's remotely hostile with a horrified scream. However, as much as he is put through, he returns to his unintelligent contentedness with relative ease.

He floats around his home turf, or whatever location he may be in, mindlessly and without goal; Just another thing in the sky. He is completely content with this situation. Anything he does beyond slow contented drifting is entirely reactive, happening in response to some form of major stimuli.

Powers and Abilities

Blockgineer's body, or at least the Mario Bros. Block his body is embedded within, is made of a nigh-indestructible material, capable of resisting even the most hard-hitting strikes.

At times Blockgineer's body will begin blinking, signalling that he is about to release an explosive discharge. This discharge does no physical harm to Blockgineer himself, but will cause heavy damage to nearby objects and people. The occurrence is rare, but he has no control over when it happens.

Due to his considerable weight, Blockgineer cannot walk and as such he moves by hovering slowly.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • He lacks any actual offensive capability.
  • Blockgineer is extremely slow, making him very easy to catch.
  • He is not exactly bright, which means it is easy to lure him into a trap.
  • Sufficiently powerful magnetic objects can reduce his flight speed further or altogether disable it.

Notable Videos

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