Blind Femscout
Blind Femscout
Creator Weegeetnik
Creation August 20th 2012
Debut Where am I ?
Type Human
Alignment Neutral Good
Weaknesses Blindness
Status Alive
Allies Intelligent Heavy
Polite Spy
Enemies FaG Scout
Christian Brutal Sniper

Blind Femscout is a RED Scout TF2 Freak created by Youtube user Weegeetnik. While not a Freak herself, she is regarded as one both by those who know of her association with Freaks, and the Freaks within her growing social circle due to her kindness.

Appearance and Behavior

The Blind Femscout is a RED Female Scout without the trademark baseball cap, headphones. Instead, she wears only white Summer Shades and uses a white cane.

Femscout is kind and compassionate to everyone she encounters, and while some Freaks hate her or regard the blind female Scout with contempt, a vast majority has managed to become her friends; most people within that social circle are Freaks themselves, who are mostly within the Good alignments. Despite her blindness, Femscout never lets it affect how she interacts with others and has genuine intentions towards the people she befriended. Because of this, her Freak friends have made her part of their fold, so to speak.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Being a normal human with no Freak heritage, Blind Femscout has no abilities. However, her unlimited kindness is able to move even the most hostile Freaks into befriending and even protecting her from harm, considering that said Freaks have some humanity within their own psyches.

As her name indicates, Femscout is blind, so therefore she can't see anything at all. This weakness make her easy prey for more powerful and aggressive Freaks unless she is accompanied by either someone capable of fending them off, or an equally powerful Freak, both of whom are willing to protect her.


  • Like Demopan, Blind Femscout is not originally from a Youtube video; she first appeared in a DeviantArt picture, as well as Scout.exe, another freak by Weegeetnik.
  • She used to have a Nessie's Nine Iron as a cane until a unique model was created.
  • Her original name was Blind Scout, her creator, Weegeetnik, changed it in order to prevent confusions about her gender.
  • Blind Femscout is the first TF2 Freak to have a disability.
  • Her real name is Susan.

Notable Videos

By the creator of the freak

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