Creator TheInvertedShadow
Creation 23rd September 2013
Debut The Lost Ones:
Episode 1 - Bellatrix
Type Demonic being
Alignment Chaotic Good
Fighting style Close to mid-range
Abilities Submachine Guns
Rage-induced super-strength
Status Alive
Allies Teivel
Sgt. Ryden

Bellatrix is a BLK Female Scout TF2 Freak created by YouTube user TheInvertedShadow.


Bellatrix appears as a BLK Female Scout wearing a Troublemaker's Tossle Cap with the Older School style and stripes painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue, and a Merc's Pride Scarf.

She also has the Biohazard logo on the back of her shirt, and tattooed on both of her arms.

Personality and Behavior

Bellatrix's behavior can vary greatly. Normally, she is calm, collected, and not easily irked. She prefers to be in the company of others, but she has no issue with going it alone. However, when she is angered, she will more often than not unleash her full fury upon the object or person of her affliction.

She seems to be obsessed with a relic of unknown origin that she always carries with her, apparently belonging to someone she once knew. For this reason, she allied herself with Teivel, hoping he'll provide some answers about the relic and its owner.

Powers and Abilities

Though she is often seen fighting with a pair of sub-machine guns, Bellatrix's greatest strength stems from her powerful rage. She is not easily angered, but if pushed too far, her instigators will quickly see the full extent of her power.

When fully enraged, she is capable of shapeshifting her own body into various forms of weaponry. She can morph her arms into three different forms when she needs to; a pair of sharp claws, a lengthy blade arm, or a pair of blackened, muscular arms. No matter which form she chooses to attack with, she can do heavy damage to an enemy regardless. Also, her third form can also produce a tendril that can grab onto enemies, to which then Bellatrix is able to throw the attached enemy to where she desires, damaging them in the process.

Faults and Weaknesses

Even though her shapeshifting abilities make her a very formidable foe, Bellatrix is still just as fragile as a regular Scout. This was evidenced when she took a near-fatal shot to the chest by a Combine marksman. If she overuses her powers, she can easily expend all her available energy, causing her to black out temporarily.


  • Bellatrix's name stems from the Latin word, meaning "female warrior."
  • It should be noted that Bellatrix is one of the few "demonic beings" who are not evil in nature. She shares this trait with Teivel.
  • All the weapons that Bellatrix's arms can morph into are a cameo of the weapons that Alex Mercer and James Heller use in [prototype] and [prototype2]

Notable Videos

The Lost Ones

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