Creator Xho
Creation October 24th, 2012
Debut The Demonic Ambush
Type Demon
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style Long Range
Abilities Superhuman strength
Immense weight
Weaknesses Generally slow
Status At large
Occupation Bodyguard
Demon Lord
Superiors Nightmare Medic
Subordinates Men of Mystery
Allies Infierno

Behemoth is a RED Heavy TF2 Monster and another one of Nightmare Medic's servants, created by YouTube user Xho. He wears the Soviet Stitch-Up, Steel-Toed Stompers, Minsk Beef, Monstrous Mandible and Bone-Cut Belt.

Personality and Behaviour

Behemoth is the most dim-witted of all of Nightmare Medic's servants, though what he lacks in cognitive function he makes up for in sheer brutality in combat and loyalty to his superiors. Due to his quiet, lumbering demeanour, Behemoth is generally seen as a blank-slate in comparison to his allies, sometimes more-so than the Men of Mystery. Somewhat significantly, Behemoth is the largest of Nightmare Medic's servants by a wide margin - almost twice the size of a regular Heavy, and thus towers over the rest of his allies. His immense weight means that Behemoth walks with a thunderous step.

Powers and Abilities

Though slow, Behemoth is among the most durable and physically strongest Freaks in the TF2 Freak World; attacking Behemoth with conventional means - that is, firearms and the likes tend to deal negligible damage to Behemoth in return. Whilst his slow speed is often his first and foremost weakness, placing distance against Behemoth is equally as dangerous as being directly near him. Behemoth's berserking charge, when at full speed, is easily able to topple heavy-load vehicles and tear any would-be victims to shreds in his wake. Armed with the Warrior's Spirit, Behemoth's claws can effortlessly carve through most that would come against it.

Considering Behemoth's quiet nature, one of his additional abilities is a deafening roar, similar to Nightmare Medic's, that can cause earthquake-like tremors in the ground to deter enemies from being able to evade an oncoming charge.

Faults and Weaknesses

Behemoth's most notable weakness is his speed. Despite being nigh-invulnerable to most damage, Behemoth severely lacks the speed at a close range to combat an enemy, and even Freaks of an average pace are able to outmanoeuvre Behemoth granted enough attention is given, and that Behemoth is not given the opportunity to increase his pace. Behemoth's additionally unintelligent nature makes him somewhat predictable and gullible to many things.


  • Behemoth is named after the giant land monster of Jewish/Christian/Islamic mythology.
  • At a height of 1.72 times that of a normal Heavy, Behemoth is one of the tallest freaks known.

Notable Videos

The Demon Slayers

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