Australium Saxton
Hale pic
Creator ShermanZAtank
Creation 26th November 2011
Debut The Saxton hale Saga: Something's not right
Type Pure Australium Entity
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Violent
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Australium Manipulation
Super-Human Durability
Super-Human Strength
Super-Human Speed
Super-Human Endurance
Weaknesses Dark Australium
Status Active
Occupation Super-Powered Menace
Enemies Cyborneer
Drunk Monk

Australium Saxton is an Australian Clone of Saxton Hale TF2 Freak created by ShermanZAtank.

His combat theme is Rage of the Universe by The Enigma TNG


Australium Saxton appears identical to the original Saxton Hale, wearing khaki shorts, a large belt buckle, a large bush hat and featuring chest hair in the shape of Australia.


In the year 2010, TF2 Freaks started to appear at an exponential rate. Fearing for both his safety and a potential loss of control of the mercenaries who kept his business running, the original Saxton Hale had a clone made out of pure Australium created. The intent of this clone was to follow the will of the original Saxton and bring the freaks to heel. Instead, the clone exhibited its own will and escaped from captivity proceeding to wreck fresh havoc among the mercenaries.

To stop it, Saxton Hale had the Saxxy created, with the intent that it be used to contain the clone within an Australium prison even more powerful than the clone. This worked until Cyborneer happened upon the small statue. After several bouts of using it as a weapon, the Saxxy had weakened it's ability to hold the clone only slightly, but it was enough to allow the Hale clone to escape. It now roams the world in search of it's own brand of violent fun.

Personality and Behavior

The Clone has a personality near identical to the stereotypical Saxton Hale, however due to it's massive power, it is even more psychotic and is always looking for an opportunity to cause chaos among others or find a fighter to challenge. It travels from place to place in search of entertainment.

Powers and Abilities 

Australium Saxton is made of Pure Australium and thus has the ability to manipulate it to the same degree as CyborMedic. Unlike CyborMedic he has a constant self-generating supply in his body that gives him super-human abilities and making him near invulnerable.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • The material known as Dark Australium destroys the make up of the Clone's body on contact, making it a kind of hyper-lethal kryptonite.
  • The clone shares the same arrogance as Saxton Hale and as such is capable of being manipulated during a fight. He also displays a short temper when he loses control of a fight.


  • Australium Saxton is the first Saxton Hale TF2 Freak.

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