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*[ Ainis Cupcake attacks Sniper]
*[ Ainis Cupcake attacks Sniper]
*[ Ainis Cupcake is Awakened]
*[ Ainis Cupcake is Awakened]
*[ Tf2 Monster Deck 3](As a card)

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Ainis Cupcake
Ctf 2fort0026
Creator MrSuicidedoor
Creation January 29, 2010
Debut Anus Cupcake's wife
Type Cannibal
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Carefree, unpredictable
Fighting style Short-to-mid ranged
Abilities Sliding

Climbing walls and ceillings

Status Alive
Occupation Sales assistant
Enemies Painis Cupcake
Private Haircut

"We deserve a medal!"
Ainis Cupcake to his family

Ainis Cupcake (formerly Anus Cupcake) is a BLU Soldier TF2 Freak and the self-proclaimed twin brother of Painis Cupcake. He was created by YouTube user MrSuicidedoor. His theme is The Beast ​by Milt Buckner.


Similarly to his "brother", he's a BLU Soldier making shotgun-mocking noises while moving and his eyes are also always below his helmet.

Behavior and Personality

He's another spoof freak of Painis Cupcake like Ass Pancakes or SoupCock Porkpie, however there is one difference between him and other spoofs: when these freaks meet their victims, they present themself to them and say what they do them (bonk them, eat them, glue them etc.), Ainis only present himself and usually start talking about something. He almost never attacks on other people. His moving, while he's getting up is clear parody on Painis's; while Painis seems to have normal, Ainis start getting up when he's standing on his head.

Ainis's Family

Ainis's family are a Scout's Mother "Freak" and a babydoll that often randomly gets a Demoman's head and has been known to drink. Ainis shows love for his family as evidenced in the video where his son makes his first appearence stating "Private Haircut's shaggin' your wife." Despite said "Shagging" Ainis seems to hold nothing against Private Haircut or his wife, implying either an open marraige or Ainis being a forgiving person. And later, his "brother" Painis says his wife's a bitch and that his son's a mistake of nature. Ainis, however, responds by giving his wife (covered in the semen of a BLU Demo, possibly Private Haircut, and a Spy.) the medal for #1 Whore and claims his son has "...done me proud."


  • Ainis's Wife has changed Dress colors from Blue (First appearence) to REDw most other times she's seen.

Notable Videos

By the creator of the Monster

By the community

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